Synology - Bind NFS to Specific NIC

Hi Folks - I’m in the process of moving from TrueNAS back to Synology (old Supermicro server uses way too much power for my home/home lab - and replacing it with even used rack-mount hardware is just about as expensive as my new RS1221+). In my current configuration, I use NFS for my ESXi 7.0 datastores. In TrueNAS, I can bind the NFS service to a specific NIC and subnet (e.g., igb1 uses the subnet which NFS uses).

I can’t seem to find a way to do the same thing in DSM. iSCSI has the feature. Is this possible?


Not a Synology user, but I’ve used TrueNAS/FreeNAS for decades. I believe the Synology units don’t have specific NIC binding for a service. Found this article →

The screen grab on “NFS Rule” looks like it takes a hostname/IP. So you could filter which machines by IP/hostname have the access. To my knowledge, you would need a full Linux/BSD-based system to change how nfsd is setup. Not sure if that level of adjustment is possible under DSM

Thanks. That is bascially the same info I have found. I’ll probably have to go back to iSCSI. On TrueNAS iSCSI seems to be memory/CPU intensive as compared to NFS and not as flexible.

NFS in Synology binds to all interfaces and you set the restrictions on a per share basis.