Synology Active Backup for Business

Does Active Backup for Business not support restoring media to a smaller SSD? The backup is only 53GB on Disk, but the hard drive backed up is 320GB in size. When the spinning disk failed I popped in a 128GB SSD and the recovery wizard tell me I need a large disk to restore to even though it is only 53GB of data to be restored to the SSD.



Response from Synology:


It does not support this. You will need to resize the disk partition like this:

  1. Do a full restore to a machine with a same size or larger disk than the backup.
  2. Load Linux off a live USB.
  3. Using fdisk or gparted, resize the partition of the machine’s primary disk which you restored to so that it will fit on the new machine’s SSD. Here’s a tutorial for gparted:
  4. Reboot into Windows, install the ABB Client and backup again.
  5. Restore the new image to your smaller HDD machine.

This is a lot of work, but currently is the only workaround I have managed to find that works for restoring to a smaller internal disk. I’ve also filed a feature request to our developer to make it possible to do this with our restore media tool, but have no ETA for it’s implementation.

Let me know if you have any questions about this process.


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Thanks for sharing this info, will help me when ever I need to do restore. If you find any other easier step do share :slight_smile:.


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