Synology Active Backup for Business Destination Encryption?

Under Task List, there’s a column; Destination Encryption Yes/No. Some digging in the Synology forum, it seems it wasn’t available until DSM 7 and I haven’t seen it covered.

Looks like the default created folder ABB creates when installed doesn’t allow it to be encrypted. You need to create a new folder but with a twist; not clicking folder encryption in File Station but in ABB.

There’s also this channel who has the only video on all of YT about it: Shiny Tech Things: active backup for business how to enable encryption

There’s an important question that springs up from that demo:

  1. After rebooting the NAS, do you need to “mount” the new ABB folder and input the key?

If not, means the key is stored locally… Could enable volume encryption, but the key for the volume is again, stored locally in its current implementation…

Is anyone able to please test this out/confirm?

I have not tested it, but I think the ability to encrypt the Active Backup folder with a password, not a locally stored key was added in DSM 7.2.

Hi Tom,

Hmm interesting. I don’t have a Synology box handy to test it at the moment but that’s an interesting idea if it works.