Synology Active Backup And Bare Metal Restores

Is there any reason you would port forward the web interface (port 80) to a Synology to be internet facing? I was auditing a system and discovered an admin did this and couldn’t think of a reason one would do this.

No, I would not recommend having your file server public facing. If there is a need to access it remotely, do so with a VPN. This is not just a suggestion about Synology, but really any file server on your network.

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The admin should have just enabled the VPN server on the Synology… it’s super easy to set up (L2TP/IPsec or OpenVPN).

there are plenty of these showing up on Shodan with the web management internet facing.


That being said, there are plenty of others too.

VPN always.

Question that I have on the Active Backup for Business…more specifically the USB Media Creation. Do I need to make a USB for EVERY pc that i have being backed up? Or is the USB Boot media generic enough that I need just one.

Thank you in advance

As best I can tell, the USB / ISO recovery is generic and can be used with any machine.

That’s actually how I discovered it on a non standard port…

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Good old Shodan, pays to be a paid up member.