Synology 1621+ or TrueNas virtual

If I recall Synology average a 3 year cycle for “hardware” refresh, so based loosely on that the 1621+ is probably due and update this year.

Looking at a storage consolidation, thoughts atm are a Synology with the 4 x 12TB Red Plus drives I have or run TrueNas Scale virtualised with ProxMox I have on a Dell T340. I’m also thinking of running both, with replication of core data between storage solutions before offsiting to cloud storage.

I’m using CIFS, iSCSI based storage atm.

Plex is running on an Ubuntu VM with a NVIDIA quadro card passed through, so transcoding is handled.

I currently have a QNAP TS-873A with 32GB RAM, NVIDIA 1050Ti, 2 x 1TB SSD Red drives too, this would be sold off. I do like the apps though like 365 backup etc.

How bad is the HCL from Synology getting re “approved” hardware? I’m also considering going back to a 4 bay unit - DS923+

I don’t expose my storage units to the internet, they are avaliable via VPN.

Many Synology have a warranty of 3 years or more but last far more than 3 years. I am not a big fan of virtualzing TrueNAS not because it can not be done, but because more things can go wrong as you are adding another layer of complexity. If you decide to virtualzie TrueNAS then passing the drive controller through is the best method.

Virtualising TrueNAS is my least favoured option, I may do it anyway as a data replication point.

TrueNAS with HBA 330+ pass through with 2 x 12TB Dell drives.