SyncThing with cloud backup

Just a thought, i have not used syncthing yet, but i think i will do it.
there is just one thing, it is not a backup, is it possible to use like a dropbox shared folder on a computer and sync that folder?? in that way you get a cloud storage copy of the files.

i have looked for a solution for my note wiki ( i use Zim ) and i think syncthing wold be the perfect solution to be able to use zim with the same database on several computers.

Syncthing just syncs folders between other devices running Syncthing

yea but if you have a dropbox folder on the computer, if you installed dropbox, is it possible to sync that folder? Syncthing sync that folder, and the folder itself sync to dropbox.
can seam a bit off to do it this way and not use dropbox on all computers but it culd be a way to get around dropbox max 3 devices policy on free account or so.

Yes, you should be able to sync the same folder with DropBox and Syncthing