Syncthing - What is your use case and how are you using it?

This is not a help topic but is a discussion about how you are using Syncthing. I am currently syncing a church archive that’s a little over 1.3TB to an offsite location. So far it’s been syncing (send only) over a week on a 15 megabit upload connection speed. It’s going to be done soon. How are you using it? Do you have an enterprise use case?

We are using it internally and have used it to solve a few issues with clients that needed data sycned.

I use it to sync a copy of my data between my Windows PC, to a Raspberry Pi with a 128 gig SD card.

Thanks to @LTS_Tom ., Been using this now to transfer mysql dump from my remote servers to replica servers on main branch thru a vpn connection., a replacement to dropbox.

I tried it but at the End I sticked with Resilio. Yeah I know it’s not “FREE OSS” but works for me.

Personally I used Syncthing and now Resilio as my “personal Cloud Replacement” syncing my Keepass, Documents and also doing a one way sync of the Photos on my phone to my NAS.

If you intereseted in details, I put up a small article in my blog about how I use it.

i think it’s your own preference but i love syncthing more than dropbox on my case. :slight_smile: