SyncThing on TrueNas12-release questions after videos

Hello LTS Forum,

I have been watching and loving the training videos for TrueNas. Ill soon be getting into the Ubiquiti ones soon and I try to get the UNMS and Unifi servers running on my TN server. Love to see a video on that.

Was doing pretty good until I tried setting up SyncThing today. I got though several of the video and have it sort of working. My issue is I dont know where the data is going. I have it setup to sync from a PC to the TrueNas server. I created the two mount points. Source: /mnt/TANK1/VOL1/Matts_PCs_Backup Destination: /mnt/TANK1/iocage/jails/Syncthing/root/mnt/SyncThingData. So Im wanting all the data from that machine to land in the source location. So when adding a folder in the syncthing the “folder path” on the Truenas servers syncthing page linked folder I have /mnt/SyncThingData/Engineering. What I dont know is where is that data landing. Is it landing in the Source folder from the jail setup or the destination folder? I want it where the source folder points. When I tried to use that location Syncthing gave me an error. I think I also have a mess of files created. What is the best way to go in an remove excess files that were created as I have been experimenting?

On the windows 10 pc side, I have the syncthing.exe I ran after downloading it. It pops open a console like window. Im guessing closing this closes the application. How do I get sync thing to auto run in the back ground and constantly run the scheduled jobs?

Thank you for the help!

You have to match the mount points in a jail to to the external mount points of the TrueNAS server.

And here i have a video on getting it going in Windows in the first half of this video

Hello Tom and thank you for the reply.

Ill go back over the videos again and hopefully that will clarify the location where the stored files go. On the truenas server side why is there a source and destination folder in the jails? Would there not just be a destination folder there the data from the remote windows machine would go?

On truenas 12 the users in the system for the permissions I do have a sync as a user. Should the 983 still be used and not the user sync?

Again Thank you for your help!!

Syncthing UID is 983 and source/destination is because you are mapping paths from(source) the TrueNAS system to a jail (destination) location.

Hello Tom,
Thank you for your help and your great videos. I dont know what I did wrong but I do have it running now and placing the date in the proper folders.

Have you ever used or have setup the UNMS controller software from Ubiquiti? Maybe set one up on Truenas?

Thanks again!

We don’t use UNMS because we don’t deploy that many devices that use it.