Syncthing Initial Sync Problems

Hi Tom,

I’ve been trying out Syncthing over the past few days (after having watched your videos) and I’m running into a persistent problem.

One one end I am using the Truenas Scale version and the other my windows laptop.

I chose a particular folder with some complexity Files: 341,729 Directories: 5,921 Size ~508 GiB to see if this could server as my daily driver and set it up to be a one way sync to my Truenas.

Enrollment / connecting to the two instances and folder seemed to work ok but after a few hours of transferring across my LAN (my Truenas is sadly still spinning rust) I found a state where the upload amount matched the file size, it seemed that directories were created, Truenas reported disk usage but the Local State on the Syncthing-Truenas showed Folders but 0 files.

I’ve now tried re-connecting, re-syncing and reinstalling all with the same problem.

I’m assuming there is a permissions issue on Truenas? App-user has full control so I’m not sure where.

Also of note, I’m running the latest TrueNas release and it didn’t give me that Host Environment disable option you talked about (not sure if that is still relevant?).

Thanks for the help!

I have held off on doing new TrueNAS Scale app videos as they keep changing things. The issue could be permissions but I don’t really have any solution as the way I use Syncthing is not by also using it as a share, I just use Syncthing as a dedicated storage location that I sync with each of my systems ONLY via Syncthing.

Yeah I was reluctant to use TrueNas Apps based on what you had previously said (wish they would get better–it’s a lot of wasted CPU that could be taken advantage of for me!) but I don’t need the “share” use case either, really wanted a one way sync to the NAS for data that isn’t sync-ing on One Drive, etc.

I’ll try again without creating a share but will probably just plan to spin-up a Syncthing VM on ESXI.