Syncthing: Docker


I’m new to docker as a whole so I’m going to have some dumb questions. I just wanted to put that upfront.

Anyway, I have a client who is in need of syncing two UnRaid boxes in separate locations securely, safely but most important simply. I have heard good things about SyncThing (yes it can be run in Docker) from Tom Lawrence of Lawrence Systems on YouTube (I know a great reliable source) and wanted to give it a shot. The files are definitely needing to be synced and updated in as close to realtime as possible (business databases and Quickbooks files). I think it’s secure because as long as you don’t allow outside access minus the LAN to the GUI, and password protect the hell out of it, you should be okay. The only port needing to be opened is 22000/TCP and that’s all. The boxes us a Unique ID that is encrypted by SyncThing and that’s how you point the boxes together.


  1. Is this a good idea?
  2. Should I worry more about security?
  3. Any questions I should be asking myself?

Thanks in advance

You are correct and this would work well for syncing files as but not ideal for databases. Also, I would make sure the are not opening up the same Quickbooks file at each location at the same time or they will end up with conflicting files, which Syncthing can handle by adding the extension “.sync-conflict” and the date leaving it up to you to figure out which one to keep.

Thanks Tom! They wouldn’t be “opening up the same Quickbooks file at each location at the same time…” The box is solely designed for one employee (owner) to access the database at home and at his camp and he is the only one. I talked to you on stream about this in UnRaid, so I’m going to run this in a Windows 10 VM in the Hypervisor built into UnRaid. Is this a good idea if I have the horses?

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Sure, if it is fast enough.