Syncing XOAs configurations

I have 3x XenOs deployed. 2x local and one in the cloud. When i create a back up job on one my expectation at least is that its replicated on the other two but that doesnt happen. Can the XOs be synced?
Follow up, should a XenO be part of a backup job or it doesnt matter as long as the metadata is backed up to a remote SR.

Each XOA has its own configuration. I don’t know of another way to sync all of them without exporting the config and importing the json fil on all the other instances.

As the XOA standalone or part of a pool ?

I do include XOA in the backup, does not take that much space up and would be easy to restore if you had to

I am not sure if backups jobs are replicated, as each server you may have different backup routines

So what is the back up process then?
Configure all your settings and back up jobs on one XOA and then do a backup that XO to another Host ?