Switching from Omada to UniFi

Hi all,
I currently have an Omada setup at home that consist of the following:
OC200, TL-R605, TL-SG2008P, 2xEAP225
the house is two floors at 2x75sqm with concrete walls and ceilings, one AP at each floor.

My plan is to migrate away from tp-link to unifi due to various anti consumer annoyances that i should have probably researched before buying all of this equipment.

my current shopping list is a Unifi Express, USW-LITE-8-POE and U6+,
I’m trying to decide between that and UXG-Lite but staying with one AP downstairs (most clients connect to the downstairs AP as it is)
Having a bit of difficulty making up my mind due to the controller thing - UX has it built in, UXG-Lite would make me have to install it on a NAS or something and its one more thing to worry about.
Some info i couldn’t find easily is what happens when the unifi controller is cloud hosted (ive read of some poelple using GCP free tier to host a unifi vm?), but your WAN drops for some reason and obviously the controller is unreachable - is there any local webui on the uxg-lite to troubleshoot internet connectivity in such a situation?


None of the Unifi devices have a web interface, all controlled via Unifi Controller application.

I would go with the Unifi Express if it meets your needs (newer device) which has the unifi controller build in. This device can manage 4 other unifi devices (switches / access points)

Thanks Paul, so in the case of UXG-Lite and cloud-based controller, if WAN goes down there is essentially no way to troubleshoot the UXG-Lite or reconfigure it?

if that’s true then the UX makes that much more sense, for $20 more you get the controller and an AP built in, in exchange for losing IDS/IPS

You also get wifi on the UX

In case you missed it, Unifi just launching wifi-7 APs (usual caveat - wifi 7 not yet ratified). Express is still 6 and 2 x 2 rather than 3 x 3. Appreciate nothing else likely to use 7 for a while, but did wonder if it be a good option for the mesh if you can’t do wired backhaul?

Hosting controller isn’t much of a deal - mines a Pi - if your NAS does Docker then likely easy install too.


Yeah I realize that wifi7 is almost a thing but there is no real need for it, the UX on the second floor will have roughly 5 clients connected to it which are all IoT and one googletv.
rest will be handled by the U6+ which has a wired uplink.

agree that self hosting the controller isn’t that huge of a deal but it almost seems like a no brainer to go with UX over UXG-Lite, its just $20 extra and you get the controller and built in wifi.
the tradeoff of losing IDS/IPS i can probably live without.
considering that both (probably) use same CPU and RAM, maybe with some future update they’ll let you adopt the UX under a different controller, freeing up some cpu resources, and enable IDS/IPS instead.

Bit “what if” regarding new firmware on Unifi Express - but by same token they could release an Express Plus - Express + IDS - if they don’t think it’ll tread on the Dream machine stuff?

And expect Express on the openwrt people’s radar??

So my kit was delivered yesterday and I’ve set things up, mostly default, two vlans (default+iot), i’ll fine tune it at a later stage but there are a couple of things that i can’t figure out and would love to get some help with;

  1. I have a synology NAS which is hosting Plex and Download Station among others, when creating a port forward rule my source option is either any or limited, but there is no way to apply country limits to this rule.
    ideally the port forward rule for plex would be locked to my country and download station would be any/any, and with “Traffic Rules” i can’t seem to be able to lock down ports by country,
    feels like i’m missing something here, this was pretty straightforward within omada.

  2. u6+, can i wall mount it? any drawbacks to this?

  3. my IoT devices seem to react somewhat slower, previously turning some light switches on/off via google home was almost instant, now the click-to-action seems to be about 10-60 seconds higher, this happens randomly, never had this issue before so i’m not sure what to look for

thanks in advance

I wouldn’t bother port forwarding any ports on the NAS that’s just asking for trouble, setup a VPN and dial home if you want to access your NAS.

While i agree that general NAS access belongs behind VPN, that’s not a feasible solution for plex or bittorrent.

Perhaps I don’t understand but it sounds like you’re doing something the wrong way.