Switching from Aruba and Cisco to Ubiquity gear

I am planning a network at a church and was wondering if Ubiquity could handle 2,000 members. We also have a streaming service using Living As One streaming gear. I am very new to Ubiquity and was wondering if it could support 15 to 20 site to site vpn’s as well as a large number of people. The network is very simple and we only have one office server and a phone server so there is not a lot of demand on the server side. We currently use Aruba and Cisco but Ubiquity would be a nice cost savings and Ubiquity seems to have some nice features to it. Was wondering how good Ubiquity’s equipment is and also if I could use Ubiquity on this scale. I haven’t heard of anybody using it on this larger of a scale before.

Hotels and stadiums have been done with Ubiquiti, so yes, it can scale… I think the recommended number of maximum devices on a Nano HD is 125. With your Cisco/Aruba gear now, do you have that many concurrent devices?

I did one church with 300 in the sanctuary on any given Sunday and one AC Pro handles all the traffic, which isn’t much because not many people are on devices.

We usually have about 1,000 to 1,500 on our wifi network at a time. I also saw Ubiquity has 1,500 client access points that would probably be really useful for our growing church.

Also how are Ubiquity’s switches as far as quality.

The switches work like enterprise switches. I used to use EdgeSwitches, but now have been rolling a lot of Unifi switches and I like how I can control them and update them with my cloud controller.

I have one more question for you? Since we will have multiple campuses what would be the best way to go from site to site with Ubiquity? Would Site to Site VPN work well for 15 or more campuses? Is there a better way of doing this? We would be using security gateway pro’s.

We really love the UniFi access points and switches, but their firewalls are very lacking in features which is why I do so many pfsense videos.

I recently deployed the NanoHD in a church and was impressed with it’s range, I was getting -55db about 70 feet away. It’s device limit is only 200 though.

Is there a way to run a MTR command in the unifi command line on a switch?