Switch not passing native vlan

so i have this micronet switch: micronet sp6108WS
i have setup up a vlan(vlanID:50) for my guest network…
the thing is switch is either just passing my vlan 50 and no native vlan (ie untagged) traffic or the other way around…
here is switch vlan settings:(port 8 is uplink to pfsense and port 1 goes to my AP)

the catch is pvid tab if its set like this:

only vlan 50 traffic will pass (ie port 5 will get a dhcp address and internet + my guest network wifi) but other ports will lose access (for example port 2 is gonna lose its access to network and can only ping the switch itself if i manually set the ip on client)

if pvid is set like this:


native vlan (untagged traffic ) works but vlan50 would lose access…

there is also this thing in the manual:


from what i understand this switch behavior would be “normal” if the above table looked like this:

do note when i connect my ap directly to pfsense`s lan both guest and home wifi get ip and work correctly…

i tried many things with no result i just wanna be sure its switch`s problem not my config…
some additional info:
my lan :
vlan 50 :
switch ip :

thanks in advance…