Switch for multi-wan breakup

Hi all,
Looking for a good layer 3 switch to break up a single nic connection (multiple WAN IPs) from an fiber ISP to a router. The incoming circuit is a 200Mb symmetrical, might scale to 300-400Mb one day. Would VLAN each of the NICs on the switch.


Mikrotik RB4011 is really the only one. There aren’t that many 1 GIG multi-WAN capable routers out there, and even of those, most can’t do more than 150-200MB worth of trafic, as in NAT, realistically. RB4011 can do around 800MB. In this price range, that is the best you can get.

I’m struggling to work out what you are trying to do @rgt225.

Do you have a single 200MB WAN connection with multiple IP address that currently comes in on one NIC

Single nic coming out of the “modem”. ISP grants multiple WAN IPs. I could separate them with the core L3 switch with NAT policies, but its still a single gigabit nic. If the circuit gets provisioned to over 1Gb, I’m losing available bandwidth.

Run them all into a pfSense install (either a VM or a physical NetGate box) as “Virtual IP” address, then forward them internally.

Gives you lots more control.