Switch(es) recommendation for 12 (preferably 2.5Gbe) Gigabit Copper RJ45 ports and 2 POE ports (minimum) requirement

I need to plan a LAN distribution for one floor completely.
Primary switch WAN should get 2.5 Gbe connection speed and distribute it preferably with 2.5 Gbe speeds.
Planned achievement:

  • 12 ports of 2.5 Gbe copper connection (RJ45)
  • 2 ports of POE RJ45 (can be increased to 4 ports later, maybe)

WAN should be connected to Firewall micro Appliance, where OpnSense is installed.

Q1: Would managed switches be redundant in this setup?

Q2: My country has no direct access to Ubiquiti devices. So, I will list available ones to prefer.
Here are possible scenarios:
1) Two pairs of TL-SG3210XHP-M2 managed switches, which would be expensive.
2) One TL-SG108-M2 with one TL-SG108PE unmanaged ones, might not be reliable.
I couldn’t find any alternatives right now. So, I could get recommendations, which I consider later, as I have limited buying options internationally.


Anyone? This would shape my decision on buying new items in the near future.

I would look at the Cisco 9300 Catalyst switches.