Switch and AP vlan problem with OPNsense

I need help now before I go completely crazy.

I am now running OPNsense firewall solution and have done the following configuration:

  • Have put my Netgate GS308E 8 port switch in its own vlan which is intended only for my switches.

  • Have own vlan for my wifi AP from unifi.

  • The Unifi Controller is on its own vlan among my other servers.

AP and unifi controller talk together and have established contact.

I have set up all the vlans in the unifi controller and set up the SSID. But when I try to connect to the wireless network, I don’t get a “response” from the vlan the device should use for?

Everything from trunk and what goes with it is correctly configured on my netgate switch.

Anyone have any suggestions as to what could be the problem?