Switch 12 ports to Rack 10

I have small rack 10 and I need there switch with 12 ports . Any idea how the best config this ? Regards

Going to need more information to offer any help.

I have ftth, edgerouter 4 and small rack where i cant find a switch to 8 Ports patchpanel. I need switch about 12 ports. I think about one switch but it looks that no one switch with 12 ports.

Can you not get a 16 port instead?

IT will be the best. My Shell rack is 310,00mmx470,00mmx260,00mm and on switch i have only 20 x 15 cm. What i found is only unify switch 8 plus unifi flex mini . Than together i will have 12 ports. I would prefer one switch but i don’t swe way.

Can You recommend any good small switches. The best with the most ports :slight_smile: