Suspending cabling above ceiling tiles for small jobs

In the video: “On Site Network Cabling For A Unifi Camera Install” (Jul 10 2017):

How did Corey suspend cables above ceiling tiles? I believe on this job there were only about a half dozen cables, right?
Can you expand on what was done above the ceiling tiles?
Small jobs, small budgets, do you leave cables on ceiling tiles?

Using Bridle Rings with wood screw ends is an easy way to get them up without the extra need for a beem clamps.

Bridle ring vendors say Cat 5, 5E, 6, & 6A can be used in bridle rings. And with plastic saddle inside ring for Cat 7 & Fiber. But J-hook vendors say you should never use bridle rings because they can cause a kink in data cables. Given your vast deployments & experience, please share your comments.

J Hooks are much better, but you said small budgets.

Understood. Many thanks