Surveillance Station to minimize false alerts

Hi, Everyone.

Just gathering some suggestion that will minimize the possibility of Surveillance station’s motion detection causing false alarms. I am new to this setup so any suggestion will be appreciated.

I have tried playing with Event Detection’s Sensitivity and Threshold. The values I tried as follow:
Sensitivity:Threshold =85:10, 85:15, 95:15, 90:20

But still causing false alerts, when set to 85:15 it does not detect human motion (or maybe it doesn’t detect me because I am a small).

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated

Not trying to be a smart “A” When the new wore off, I record 24/7 Don’t have a problem with false alarms. I have a 3.5 ter drive. 7 camera’s, I keep 14 day’s. The main camera’s 5 are 2 meg worried more about night vision. The other 2 or 4 meg

@starfox101 what settings did you place on event detection to avoid false alerts?

Sorry I was out, I have it disabled… My system is for my home, if I find anything missing or out of sorts I check camera footage. My mind set, it not an alarm. I can’t stop them! I want proof of what they did and who they were. Funny thing, ask " who left the outside faucet on" Not Me! standard answer… Wife left it on. I have it on video! The happy, now feeling didn’t last very long! :grinning: :grinning: