Surveillance station best practices

Hello friends,

Was hoping someone can give me a bit of advice. I am using surveillance station to run 6 Reolink cameras and while it works, I feel like I am missing some things. I assume that if I had a perfect configuration, i would not have many discrepancies between the Reolink’s app notifications and that of DS Cam. My system is set to use detection based on camera but im always getting notifications from the DS Cam. Also, my video feeds are lousy. I like to believe i have enough speed heading back out that I would think my feed on my phone would be a lot better but its less than desirable.

Im sure there are many other things that I am not overly educated on that would be a benefit like HTTPS, port forwarding and DDNS. If anyone has a good tutorial on this, that would be greatly appreciated.


I have a video on how to configure the notices here, I used Amcrest cameras but the menus for Surveillance Station are the same.