Survallance Camera For Non Tech Savvy Person

I know and agree that probably all surveillance cameras have security issues/vulnerabilities. They should be isolated in a separate network without internet access. I know that and please don’t give me that answer. My question is if there is anything on the market that is kind of reasonably secure.

What I need is a camera system that I can connect remotely to and watch the video stream. The camera will be installed on an average home network by a non-technical person with no additional network isolation, etc. In simple words, is there a camera that I can connect remotely to that would work on a home network (behind NAT) environment?

My idea was that the best I can come up with is an old phone with a 24/7 signal call (if that is possible).

Thanks a lot for the answers!

You could buy pretty much any camera from Amazon, most will have an app of sorts to view the camera footage. All you need to do is forward the ports the camera uses and access it with your WAN address. The most technical thing you need to do is forward a port on your router.

I don’t do this but many people do and you can easily find them on shodan, watching someones front door isn’t that interesting after a while !

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I would argue that in the case you’re not willing to set up a VPN, maybe a camera that connects to a vendor’s cloud service to view remotely is “better” by some metrics than a camera that is directly exposed to the internet via a port forward. This approach also probably scales better once you start adding more cameras. I cannot give any specific product recommendations, though.

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The Google Nest cams might be a good choice. Google does a great job around security because they don’t like anyone having your data besides them.

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Thanks for all the replies. A Signal call on an old phone isn’t a quick and easy solution? There is nothing that is at least kind of okay?