Suricata Shuts Down

Hello everyone, trying to get some help on Suricata in my pfSense build. I noticed yesterday I was not getting my full b/w of 300mbits download with Suricata on so I upped my core count from 4 to 8 in proxmox and ran into issues. Suricata would start then quit after 10 seconds or so. Checking the logs I saw a memcap, to which I then set the memory from 7GB to 20GB in proxmox. Now I still cant get Suricata to stay running. There seems to be a ton of lines in the log files and I cant pinpoint anything specific. Being new here I also have no idea how properly post my log file. If someone could help me out, it would be great.

Thank you

I know it sounds simple and it is. Look deeper into the logs and find the error that causes it to quit, then drop that error in Google.