Supermicro X9 series beep code help?

So I had a server fail to reboot after updates yesterday, reached out to Supermicro and got a very detailed response about how this wasn’t a supported system because it is so old, etc., etc. The guy spent more time saying what I can’t do with it than answering the beep code that I mentioned.

So does anyone know what 3 beeps, a pause, and 3 more beeps means?

They are low in frequency, not the higher pitch like a RAM problem, and I think they are longer beeps (longer than memory problem). It’s another code that is not in the book.

In the error log, the only entry from that time was an intrusion detection, which I should have defeated because the chassis doesn’t support it. Would chassis intrusion keep it from booting? I think the answer is yes but not sure. I’ll probably get to take another swing at this next month on exploit Wednesday when it needs another reboot. This is a production server running a second instance of my AD, plus WDS and is also my KMS host. I do have new servers on order, but it has been months and no word on when they will ship, and this is a bigger rebuild to put everything in an XCP-NG based system instead of individual hardware (a big project). Really want to keep this going until summer when I can move to VM or do a clean sheet rebuild.

Does the server have a management network card i.e. ipmi card. If so, does this tell you any info

Quick google search, probably a ram issue - trying removing memory to see if you can resolve the admin

Yes, I checked the ipmi and the only thing that might be a problem is the intrusion sensor was tripped. I did move RAM around, one stick, other stick, different slots, etc. with no concrete combination of working/not working. With no ram I get the expected beeps for a ram issue which is short and high pitched beeps.

I may risk things and reboot next week to see if there is anything in the BIOS error logs, the IPMI on this machine is old enough that I can’t see BIOS settings. Got a message that new servers have shipped, I may need to hurry and get my XCP-NG system up and figure out how I’m going to move this computer to virtual.