Supermicro SuperStorage 6019P-ACR12L+ 1U Server Review

Server Specs:

Intel Xeon® Gold 6240 CPU @ 2.60GHz
Twelve Seagate Exos X14 12TB Drives
Four Samsung PM983 3.84TB Drives
One Samsung PM983 960GB Drive
Supermicro server page

Benchmarks done by Lawrence Systems using Phoronix Test Suite:

Storage Review Article on the server:

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Even though a bit long, this is a great all in one setup.

I have the poor man’s version which is the QUANTA SD1Q-1ULH. These have a single xeon D-1541 and sell for about $450 on ebay. Great home lab alternative to this $18k SuperMicro.

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Looks like a really impressive system. Can you share your setup as a TrueNAS server? How to configue the spinning and nvme drive into vedevs?

I did one pool for the NVME drives and One Pool with 2 VDEV’s for the 12TB drives.

Ok, I have to talk to super micro now. My day employer uses super micro as a hardware supplier. We literally received shipment on some new chassis a month ago, still had Java based IPMI. How do I get HTML5 IPMI? Hopefully this changes over soon on their product line because Java based IPMI is starting to break and be a PITA to use.

Sounds like you are getting older models.