Supermicro SuperServer 1029P-WTRT Review

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Its really nice that they don’t change the chassis without a good reason. Buy a new server, pull your drives, slide the new server in the old spot in the rack, and slides the drives back in. It’s great from a failure point of view. You can also use the old drive sleds for your shelf spares, no messing around swapping out a failed drive.

Also, it should be noted that companies like Avid use SuperMicro in their server “appliances” and have for more than the 15 years when I started working with them. Unless they have changed, all the Nexus servers will have a SM board in them, same for the Airspeed playback/record servers.

Everything in my racks is SuperMicro. HP and Dell always seem to have little gotchas. Little add on costs to get where you really need to be. Same goes for firmware and drivers, HP specifically used to hide that behind a support contract, never had to mess around get a new bios or driver with SM and I hope they keep it this way.

And by the way, their store prices on drives are generally very competitive, ram is often also competitive.

You usually include a price in your review. Any idea how much the server you tested costs?