SuperMicro CSE-836 case rails question

I have a SuperMicro CSE-836 3U case and it came with a MCP-290-00053-0N Rev B set of rails with the outer rail extendable length from 26.5" to 36.4"

The rack I have that it is going in is 25" so of course the rails are 1.5" too long and won’t fit the rack

I found on the Supermicro website these rails that are shorter.
Supermicro 2U-5U Rail Kit MCP-290-00058-0N with an outer rail extendable length of 19.6” to 27”

Based on what I measured on the 053 rails and can figure out, the fully closed dimension is the shortest rack they will fit and the largest number is the rail total length with all parts extended fully to locks.

Before I order them does anyone know if my thinking is correct and the 058 rails will indeed fit the 25" rack?

I’ve ordered the 1U version of that (MCP-290-00056-0N) before and it fit in two different racks where the other one was an inch or two too long. So as long as that one is listed on your chassis’ optional parts list it should work.

Check and see if you can order the short rails kit for that chassis, I’ve had to do this with most of my servers because my racks are also short.

The other thing I’ve done is flip the rear bracket backwards and some time drill new holes in those brackets. It’s a hassle and you really need to think outside the box with each install.

Thanks for the input.

I found out that the Supermicro 2U-5U Rail Kit MCP-290-00058-0N is the short rail kit and that is is supposed to fit as the chassis is listed both in the rail specs and the chassis options area.

the smaller number of the outer rail extendable length 26.5" (long rails) or 19.6” (short rails) is the total length when the rail assembly is fully closed. The large number is the rail assembly when it is fully open including the main slide that attaches with the chassis length adjustment fully extended.

I don’t have a set of the short rails to measure, but based on above long rails measurement the extension from the face of the rack would be about what the rails extends to is about 26.5" which is the smaller number.

Anyway I am going to get a longer server rack and relocate all the servers out of the office so the office is quieter. Bonus I get to keep the existing long rails, and I get to get new stuff!

A deeper rack is really going to make life easier in the long run. I’m pretty stuck with what I have so I’ll keep messing with the mounts.

Bonus with the deeper rack, most rack mount UPS are going to need a deep rack too. That’s another issue I keep running into.

And the short rails do not allow you to pull the server all the way out, I only get about half way out which isn’t enough to really service anything without pulling it out of the rack and onto a cart.

By what I figured on the long rails, the short rails would only allow about 19 1/2" of stick out from the face of the rack. This is one reason why I am going with a 30" rack.

I have 2 APC 1500 rack mounted UPS systems which I use to split the total load of the rack. They only stick into the rack about 17" and the QNAP servers I have only stick into the rack about 20" . I honestly paid no attention the the depth of the Supremicro servers when I bought them. I was more concerned if I had space for them in the existing rack.

I would be stuck with the existing rack, but the not fitting of the rails, the airplane taking off Supermicro server fan noise and my suggestion I can make the office quieter and cooler worked in my favor.