Supermicro Caddy has steady Blue LED

I have a Supermicro 836 that has one caddy that has a steady blue light. I’ve tried searching for what this means, but can’t seem to find it.

It doesn’t matter if the caddy has a hard drive in it or not, the blue light is on and steady. The backplane is a SAS2-836EL1. All other blue caddy lights seem to work/flash as normal.

Any ideas?

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I have one with the opposite issue, light won’t come on. Either way, if the bay works for drives the cause is most likely the logic board the controls the light.

Is there anything in the BMC log? Might be worth going in through IPMI and looking at that error log and seeing if something is showing.

I would also probably send an email to Supermicro support, every time I have done this they have been helpful.

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No IPMI. It’s an ASRock Z390 motherboard and intel i9-9900K running windows 10.

I’ve got a passthrough TQ backplane and an extra HBA card. Might just swap it out.