SuperMicro A1SAi-2750F IPMI setup


I am trying to setup the IPMI interface on this motherboard.

When I go to the bios and look at the IPMI tab I see:
IPMI firmware revision: Not working
Status of BMC: -

How do I get this working?

Thanks Wim

Not an issues I have ever encountered, maybe it needs a firmware update or try contacting SuperMicro support Support | Supermicro

I would try updating the BMC and BIOS from a DOS boot drive.

That said, the IPMI on mine doesn’t work very well compared to the other Supermicro servers in my racks.

I used rufus Freedos bootable USB
I can update the bios to version 2.2
But when I try to update IMPI I get this.


That’s not a good sign. I’d send a message to Supermicro and see what they suggest.

Freedos is what I’ve used for these updates for several years, so that shouldn’t be the issue.