Supermicro 12V DC Input


I’ve been searching for a while trying to find out what I need to be able to use the 12V 4 pin DC input. on the A2SDi-4C-HLN4F. Supermicro has this connector on several other boards as well, but this is the one I’m considering. The main reason I’m interested is to keep the machine quiet as possible (no PSU fan).

I’ve found things like the picoPSU-120, but that doesn’t make sense to adapt the 24pin ATX when the motherboard can support 12V DC directly already. The challenge though is figuring out what this connector is. It kind of looks like a P4 connector, but I’m not certain. Maybe someone has a Supermicro board and could verify this for me? According to motherboard documentation, the pinout is the same as P4, but I can’t tell the holes (some round and some square) and if the latch would align correctly?

I reached out to Supermicro about this, but their answer was to buy a specific chassis that includes a 12V barrel to 4 pin… and of course they declined to sell me the cable separately!

If someone has one of these boards, I’d be interested to hear from you.


I have a e300-8d which is the bigger brother of yours. Yes it has a p4 that plugs into the top block of four of the 24 pin power.

I looked at it close up. 4 posts with 2 square and 2 square with half rounded corners on 2 sides of each post.

I googled the p4 and it appears just so.