Sunday Live Stream XCP-NG Q&A Lab Testing: Supermicro SYS-120U-TNR [YouTube Release]

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I did a little looking into GPU passthrough… What I found was that if you have an nVidia Quadro card, it passes right through with no issues. I don’t have any G series cards to use with testing, but I thought nVidia recently updated firmware for many of the newer GTX cards that now allow passthough.

Haven’t watched the entire show yet, so you may have answered this in the video. You got most of it though. Do you want some screenshots? One of my hosts still has an old Quadro 2000 installed and I’m thinking of installing one in my other 2 hosts so that I can still move the VM’s around. What you do lose is if you move the VM to a different host you would lose the direct monitor connection. I used it for GPU acceleration to keep a test application happy.

Updating this with a test I just tried… I have 3 identical hosts and installed 3 identical GPU’s (old Quadro 2000) and got the “latest correct” drivers installed. Ran a quick Geekbench to see what it would show, then decided I was going to migrate from the current host to another host. It fails with an error:


So pass through is not always a good thing since it locks you into a specific host.