Suggestions on extending UDM wifi coverage

Hi everyone :wave:

I have the little Unifi dream machine and very pleased with its performance. my problem is wifi coverage because the UDM is placed in a small closet surrounded by other gadgets and electronics which abstract the wifi signal.

Sooo I am looking to buy another antenna for my living room. I was looking at the UAP-AC-IW, because I want to place it low behind the television cabinet.

My questions are:

  1. Do you recommend the UAP-AC-IW for the job? (price is important).
  2. Does the UAP-AC-IW support Unifi’s mesh? If not, should I get the UAP-AC-M?
  3. To my understanding UAP-AC-IW does not come with any power source, and I don’t want to buy POE switch at the moment - what POE injector should I buy?

Thank you!

Go with the UAP-AC-M as it will have better range and comes with an injector when you buy it from UniFi.


Hi! as you suggested, I bought the UAP-AC-M and very pleased with it.
I have a question regarding powering it.

I have a UDM and in the living room I have a unified flex mini. I plugged the UAP-AC-M to the flex mini. Is it possible to power the flex mini and the UAP-AC-M with the same power adapter I got for the UAP-AC-M?
Thanks :v:

No, I don’t think the USW-Flex-Mini supports POE pass through.

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