Suggestions for Under Desk Keyboard Tray (Cannot Attach to Desk)


Here’s the setup:

  1. For reasons, I’m working off a heavy-duty folding table in my office.
  2. It is plastic, and there are metal support bars all over the underneath. I cannot clamp anything to it, or screw anything into it.
  3. I’d like to put my keyboard under the table, both to have it not be not be on the table, and because the table surface is just high enough that I’ve had to raise the arm rests on the chair too high. My shoulders are bunched up for hours at a time, and the only one enjoying this is the billing tech at my chiropractor’s.

What I’m looking for:

  1. Something that sits on the floor, with or without rollers/casters.
  2. If there are rollers/casters, they should (1) work on carpet; and (2) have a lock or otherwise stay where I put them.
  3. Something like this would be ideal, but for a keyboard, not a piano. (So, with an actual flat surface I could put a keyboard on.)

I’d appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!