Suggestions for open source IT inventory management system

Hello everyone,

I am looking for an IT inventory management system for my small business. I primarily want to track peripherals (keyboard, mouse, webcams), especially their warranty information. Currently, we use NinjaOne for RMM.

I need a system that allows one of our employee to handle small IT tasks like assigning hardware. The employee should be able to log in, manage the inventory, and input warranty dates into the system.

Thanks for the help!

This one is solid


Big project I need to work on, and SnipeIT seems like a very good choice from my previous digging.

There is another thread in these forums with some other choices if you want to search for it and see what some of the other choices might be.

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That looks interesting, personally will need a solution for asset management though not for IT kit in the near future.

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We use GLPI. Snipe-IT is very good but GLPI also has some excellent additional features. Even if you just used it for inventory, you would be hard pushed to find something better.

One thing with Snipe-IT is that it provides an API but not an agent to collect data whereas GLPI does - I like what I get from the GLPI agent but I recall Tom saying in his videos that he doesn’t like agents on his devices so it’s down to personal preference there I guess.