Suggestions for a PacketRiot TrueNAS SCALE app?

Good afternoon,

I am contemplating a switch from ubuntu server to TrueNAS SCALE and the main blocker for me is making sure that my CGNAT bypass app PacketRiot will work properly. I have not seen any sign of it on the TrueCharts or Official app stores. It uses Docker and Docker compose.


TN Scale uses docker+kubernetes, so compose wont work. But there is an option in the GUI to load and run images from 3rd parties. Big blue “Launch Docker Image” button in the top right on tha apps page.

would someone be willing to help me make a helm chart for the docker app? Walk me through the steps etc? I have never made helm charts or really anything k8s related before.

You dont have to do that:

I set the container to have its own interface but you can also do simple port forwarding.