Suggestion: Decentralized Peertube mirror

I recently walked in to some of the video’s about pfSense, and the little details told around it are great, vs plain monkey see monkey do tutorials generally found online.

However, I’m not that enthusiastic about the platform hosting, I find it a rather toxic platform to visit in many ways, so all I can do about it is promote the best/open(FLOSS) available alternatives a bit, this by running them myself and talk about it, so sorry for that(YT simply forces me in ways to evade the nagging EULA I won’t accept explicit by it’s terms, and profiled suggestions for example. Some rare content I do watch on it, is sadly for the creators outside it’s own frontend).

Rising the question, is lawrencesystems known with Peertube and what is it’s opinion for such decentralized/federated platform to bring it’s content? (self-hosted or not)

As the tech video topics are point-on to lots of the viewers and hosts owners of some Peertube instances(as many will self-host or rent VPS for it).

It offers an no-ads, open P2P viewers+servers load balanced environment, generally under the Creative-Commons license, this with inbuilt support options(for ways like patreon), as well video import/migrate functionality from YT source.

People might not like it, as the best of YT is basically already getting mirrored over time, across many instances by anyone along these instances own content.
And yes, I can’t deny some conspiracy trash has found a place on some cross-federated instances since it’s open characteristics, but will be filtered out naturally depending on the instance your visiting(it’s policy) with it’s federations.

Examples of tech related instances (the build of my own instance is stagnating, this due to the huge demand/supply issue’s):

  • (and yes :slight_smile: , down do to power outages because the freeze, as status mentioned on their Mastrodon / main domain)
  • (supporter)
  • ?


Just some passer-by

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I’ve heard about peer tube myself a bit. I heard about it from Jupiter Broadcasting’s podcasts.

How much disk I/O is used when “seeding” content on behalf of creators whom you wish to support?

For example, if Tom were to start sharing his content via peer tube, I would definitely want to contribute to the effort of “seeding”

What kind of disk storage & I/O requirements are needed? It seems like it’d be something that pretty heavy in terms of disk I/O and potentially storage.