Suggested switch with 10GbE SFP+ ports

I currently have an all HP switch network, mostly the HP 1910. I am looking for suggestions for a good 24/48 port switch with SFP+. Preferably if its L3. Should be able to use transceivers of fs / 10gtek etc.

I was thinking HP, but their 10gbe capable switch are quite expensive. Unless I’m missing a model number somewhere.

There is Ubiquiti, but I’ve never used them for switches, dont know how they interact with VLAN, trunking/LACP etc. Same goes for Mikrotik, but I didnt even see a 48 port on their site.

Suggestions on brands / models ? etc ?

I don’t have much experience with the Mikrotik but the EdgeSwitch48 has 2 SFP+ ports and the other features you looking for,

Cool, let me see if i can find a non poe, so the price drops down, which is a requirement :smiley:

But I havent used ubiquiti, do play well with other switches ? Hows their vlan management and trunking/ lacp etc ?

My company’s network group used a Netgear GS728TX-100NES to stand up the network in our new office before they moved in their Aristas. Apparently it was pretty good for their needs.

EdgeSwitches have a GUI for basic stuff. If you’re willing to use command line the options are extensive. Here’s the link to their 431 page command line reference.

Thanks, but yes I do prefer GUI any day, I just asked since I’ve ran into some “web smart” switches which do have GUI but very limited functionality.

Also saw one of the videos of the unifi controller for this, so that seems good I guess.

I am leaning towards it, but there is the US 48 and the edge switch 48 lite. I think the only difference is that the edge switch is layer 3. Is there any other difference in there?

The one thing I see a few people saying is it gets really hot. Also for the edge switch many come DOA.

I honestly don’t know anything about the layer 3 abilities of the edgeswitch. The US 48 vs 48 lite difference, to my knowledge, is poe vs non-poe.

I’m now leaning heavily towards the edge switches. After using HP, I guess these would be the most similar products

It’s basically software difference apparently unifi Vs on device. Edge switch seems to have more features. I found a video Tom had for the basic differences.
Need to order the SFP+ from Amazon as well., Saw something from 10gtek

How about you try the UBNT
Ubiquiti US-24-250W
Ubiquiti Networks US-16-XG 10G 16-Port Managed Aggregation Switch

Check those two out.

You may have to make a choice on strong L3 and management features vs cost. I picked up a Netgear S3300 for cheap.
I like it because it’s got 2x 10gbase-T + 2x 10gb SFP+, but the management is web-based - never looked at their software mgmt option. It works ok with the off-brand transceivers I own.

If you don’t need 10gbit copper, then you might also look at the but I hear that it’s mgmt interface isn’t so great.

Yeah I’m considering the Ubiquiti edge switch 48 which includes the SFP+. It’s on my to-do for tomorrow.

@gzornetzer actually I want the 10 gig links, the reason for the upgrades.

Right, I understand that you need the 10gig links. To be clear, my reference to 10gbit copper was meant to indicate 10gbase-T. The question with the Netgear S3300 is: Do I want both SFP+ AND 10gbase-T? If only SFP+ is enough, then other, less expensive options exist, such as the TP-link.

Hey, so i just came to know Ubiquiti offers only 1 year warranty. This feels strange to me since every other vendor normally offers lifetime.

Ive had 3-4 switches fail over a period of 5 years.

@gzornetzer Yeah, im now looking at the netgear as well, I hope they play well with other switches. I’m not too sure of TP-Link, I havent had the best of luck with their stability or interface.

Which HP switches were you looking at? The 1950 series offers 10G sfp+ ports. There definitely is a price difference between ubiquiti and HP but if this is for work, the difference might not be as large as you think. I’ve never used ubiquiti switches before but as someone who uses hp switches at work, I’m a big fan of their cli and the lifetime warranty. Fortunately, I haven’t had a switch fail on me but I have had a module die and the process of getting that replaced was painless.

Does the 1950 support third party SFP+ transceivers like from 10gtek ? I’m strongly considering the 1950 again…

Does the 1950 support third party SFP+ transceivers like from 10gtek ? I’m strongly considering the 1950 again…

I believe that as long as you get transceivers that are “HP compatible”, you should be fine…

Just wondering, has anyone tried switches ? They are literally half the price of the HP.

Vendor 1 says it will take 3 weeks to get stock for the HP 1950, the other reseller is charging about $150-200 more and claims 4-5 days lead time, but everywhere else it says unavailable. I’m doubting whether it will be available in time as per what they claim.