Subnets/Static IPs

We have a /29 for our routing purposes. So that’s in our pfsense.

We can route a /24 of public IPs as well.

How would this work?
Each tenant is on their own VLAN, so separate physical and virtual (Ports are isolated as well)

Some tenants have requested a static IP or a block of 5, so a /29.

For this instance only, just reference below: is our network, we have 5 usable IPs for our router and such is a routable network, so each of these IPs is publicly routable like a standard IP.

A customer buys 5; So, through
Our gateway is stationed at
Would this be their gateway?
If so, can the next customer be with our as the gateway?

I have never done it, but they have a write up here pfSense Configuration Recipes — Routing Public IP Addresses | pfSense Documentation

From a generic network engineering perspective, if the customer has a 29 bit mask, then no, those particular ip addresses will not work with that gateway. If, however, everything is configured on a /24, then yes it should. I am not sure of pfSense capabilities here, as I’ve never used it (yet).