Subnet question

I set up vpn there will only be two users with access so I can use a /30 subnet and that would restrict it to just the two of us

Thanks John

Well, using subnet /30 will yield exactly 2 usable host addresses, correct. But, I presume you’ll be using OVPN, or a similar VPN that uses the client/server model, so 1 host address is needed for the server (VPN gateway), so for the setup to allow 2 clients, the closest thing to use is subnet /29 - which will allow for up to 5 clients (server is the 6th one).
You can usually add additional rules to the VPN server to allow only 2 clients to connect, if that is what you need.

Subnet /30 is only used when there are exactly 2 hosts communicating (usually point-to-point connections).