Stuck with a weird XCP-NG Drive Issue

Last night I had a Windows Update run on a 2019 VM in XCP-NG that tried to install the Xen Tools even though the XCP-NG agent was already installed.

Chaos ensued and boot device not accessible bluescreens were thrown. I was able to recover the OS and boot again but now only 3 out of my 6 connected drives are showing in Windows and my management agent is no longer detected…

The 3 drives show connected in the bios, and in Xen Orchestra but don’t even show up in the disk management as needing to be initialized in Windows. Just nothing.

I have a snapshot from 3 days ago before the madness began that I don’t want to have to revert as I would lose data. And I would like some kind of assurance that the drives would detect again in that state.

Is there a way to revert only the OS drive from my snapshot and leave the others in their current state?

If not, what is the least painful way out of this?

Additional info plus things I have tried.

Reboots by the dozens
Windows Update (minus Xen Tools)-(Update Failed)
Uninstalling and re-installing XCP-NG tools (to no avail)
Powering off and then detatching/reattaching drives to the vm.
Disconnecting a drive and connecting it to a known good VM (asked for the drive to be initialized)

In the meantime, I am exporting the weird drives as vhd and mounting them separately. Then I will roll back the VM and copy across the changes at the file level.

The drives can be attached to other VM’s to view the data, but not an issue that I have had.

I never did figure out how to fix it, but reverting to the earlier snapshot put everything back the right way.

I was able to get the data I needed. luckily only a few things needed merged,

Thanks for the reply.