Stuck creating my first VLans

I’m VERY new here and I gratefully appreciate the feedback. I’ve created my first VLAN called DVR for my likely hacked Zmodo security DVR. I’m trying to troubleshoot accessing the DVR from the LAN. Here are ping results:
From To Result
DVR VLAN LAN success
DVR VLAN DVR success
DVR VLAN LAN host success
LAN DVR VLAN success
LAN DVR fail

Interestingly if I choose the LAN IPv6 Link-Local source addresses I can ping the DVR successfully.
These are my LAN firewall rules (note the bottom ones are disabled)

Here are my DVR firewall rules:

I know I’m missing something somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it.
Any help greatly appreciated.

Not clear on the issue, but those rules for DVR & LAN will allow full communication between those networks.

Tom! Thanks for the reply. That’s kinda what I was thinkin’ that those rules should be allowing me to ping my DVR from my LAN network onto the DVR VLan network on Port 4 of my SG2100. I noted in one of your training videos to “open it up first” just to make sure it works. Perhaps there’s something on the DVR itself that blocks Ping from outside it’s network? Dunno. For now I’ve disconnected said DVR. Further, the wife has said that I’ve spent enough time on this over the holiday break and she handed me the “checkbook”. So, I submitted a “formal ticket” (#3785) to become a customer and perhaps a “student” in the process. I’ll gladly pay the tuition for your company’s expert training. Hope you’re having a “chill” holiday time!