Strange UniFi AP behaviour on Sonicwall FWs

Hi all

Anyone had any strange DHCP behaviour on the latest controller release? We have a Sonicwall site with UniFi APs which for whatever reason soft brick themselves on the latest controller FW when provisioning.

When I say soft brick I mean no SSH, the APs start broadcasting open networks instead of secured, allows no connections to it but still showing a blue light. This happens after changing config on the controller and whilst they are in the provisioning stage. And no, it stays like this until you hard reboot it on site, it never comes back up after the DHCP lease renews.

The APs work fine after reboot and provision fine then.

My current workarounds for now is to obviously not change anything on site as it only happens after provisioning. Also found setting a static reservation on the firewall has sort of improved the chances of it provisioning fine.

Anyone else had any weird behaviour like this or ideas what to look into?

Not an issues that I have run into, check the logs on the UniFi devices or the traffic via the Sonicwall.

Are any vlans involved it your network ?

As above check sonicwall logs for dhcp,