Strange Ubuntu Boot Behavior

Got a server running 18.04. Server boots and works perfectly…except for at the console.

At the console, it boots to some crippled version of the Ubuntu 17.04 installer. What’s strange is that this was installed from fresh 18.04 media, so I don’t know where it got the 17.04 installer.

If I do a CTRL+ALT+F2, I get “press ENTER to activate this console” and then it drops you into a root shell. NOT GOOD.

I’ve been googling for a while trying to figure out where in the config that I need to change this behavior to restore it to the normal “login” prompt.

Got a lot of time in this server and I’d rather not rebuild it if I can fix it since everything else is working. Login by SSH works properly, all the web services are working, etc. I only just noticved this issue because I had occasion to connect to the console and was surprised at what I saw.

Where in /etc do I need to look, and what’s the name of the process that just provides the login prompt so I can fix this?

Please advise…

Can you post output of lsb_release -a from both console and ssh.

the motd is some script in /etc/update-motd.d/