Strange Ties: Private Internet Access, Kape, and Crossrider

Hi all!
I was thinking about getting PIA vpn since it is what Tom’s recommends, but, this came to my attention so I think I wll stick with ExpressVPN, what are you guys VPNs choices?
And what do you guys think about these acquisition?

I don’t use a commercial VPN provider. Before choosing one you should make clear to yourself what it is you want from your VPN. Nowadays, most any traffic is already end-to-end encrypted by TLS, so even if you are on a public WiFi your banking credentials are encrypted. That being said, I don’t deny that a VPN can provide an additional layer of security. However it will likely not greatly improve your anonymity. Your ISP might not be able to log which sites you access anymore, but then your VPN provider will.

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But in the event of ExpressVPN, the code audit confirmed no logs policy, even if they did, their legal procedures is on the Virgin Islands, from a p2p perspective, I think it is more important being protected against your isp than your vpn