Storing, Running & Managing VM's w/XCP-ng?

I did a complete redesign of my infrastructure using existing PC builds (server(s) in a future project).

  1. TrueNAS - M2 1GB SanDisk (TrueNAS), 3 X 2TB HD, 2 X 500GB SSD
  • create, store the VM’s managed by XCP-ng?
  1. XCP-ng - 1 X 1GBHD
  • to manager VMs, not store?
  1. MX Linux - M2 1GB SanDisk (MX Linux), 2 X 2TB HD, 2 X 1TB SSD
  • my IT workstation

I do not fully understand the use of the XCP-ng yet, but one of the things I would like to have clear is how you manage your VMs as well as where do you manager them from. Do you create and store them on TrueNAS while managing them with XCP-ng from another PC and the XCP-ng Server just handles the operations of the VM’s?


Your create, store them on a XCP-ng Server and manger them using a PC, and back them up to TrueNAS? Little lost here, should XCP-ng be running on No. 3 PC build and use TrueNAS just to backup my VM’s?

Actually after further researching, I found what I wanted to know and do from TrueNAS NFS Setup For XCP-ng and Linux - YouTube. Cool! :sweat_smile:

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