Storage Spaces for Surveillance Cameras?

Would you recommend using Windows Storage Spaces Parity for this config?

If not, what RAID card is good for that?

Windows 11 Pro rack mounted custom PC.
5x 18TB WD Purple Drives.

(Never did Hardware RAID. Helpful reference would be highly appreciated!)

Thank you!

I don’t use nor would I recommend Windows Storage Spaces.

As above,

Worst thing MS added to their operating systems - always go hardware raid. For cards look at LSI.

One of our clients lost a server recently, as it was configured with windows storage by the previous it company. We did managed to recovery the server by restoring a backup

No, hardware raid is not a great idea here in 2024. Software raid systems, such as those based on ZFS are the best option.

But don’t take my word for it…

Agree with ZFS as the best data / storage solution.

The op stated he is going to be running Win11 on a rack PC,

I believed WIn11 does not support zfs . unless he creates a ISCI drive to a nas with zfs setup and zvol datastore (Truenas setup)

So which solution would be best for my scenario?

Need more info

You say the server is going to be used for Surveillance cameras, what software are you going to be using - what operating system does it run on ?

Is this solution for a business or private use ?

What is your budget ?

How important is the camera footage - do you need to back it up as raid is not a backup solution.

OS: Win 11 Pro.

Cams software: DW (digital watchdog).


Low budget.

No backup needed.

@LTS_Tom I guess I’ll end up going with Windows Storage Spaces. Doesn’t seem like there’s any other solution for windows.

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Windows Storage Spaces is not good… i think even the motherboard BIOS raid is better then Windows storage spaces and almost no one recommends using the desktop motherboard raid… But it is one step better then windows solution.

as you plan on using this in a business environment… consider DVR/NVR solution instead of running it on windows 11 pro… win11home+pro is not stable enough to be reliable… you need to really tweak win home/pro hard to get it that stable if you should run it 24/7… Consider learning Linux for a Linux solution of you want to run it on a regular PC
and if you still want to go down the win11 road… even a cheaper raid I/O card is 100times better then windows storage spaces.
Dont forget to block windows automatic updates so the system dont reboot in a situation when you dont want it to reboot… I dont use win11 but i have a feeling win11 updates are forced as win10 is on home/pro editions

Should rather do Intel VDM in the BIOS?