Storage Configuration

Good afternoon ladies and gents,
I’m curious the best practice when setting up storage for an organization, hypothetically.
So, I know it’s common to use a storage server as an ISCSI target to store VM’s.
However, for let’s say, windows sharing, do you use a VM, with a large ISCSI target to store the files?
Or do you use the storage server natively to access those?

I usually setup a SMB or network share on the local server.

Gotcha, I didn’t see a problem with either way, depending on the environment.
But since I’m not working in any sort for production environment, I was curious what is the norm.

Typically if you’re running a hypervisor you have a storage array it’s tied into, typically using ISCSI over fibre. If It’s a standalone server usually it just uses its internal storage.

That being said do whatever works for you.