StingBox Network Intrusion Alarm

Anyone else heard of or played with StingBox? I ordered one to play around with in a home lab since it sounds interesting.

I have not heard of them before, but there also the open source version of Thinkst Canary

These guys are always doing interesting things, I remember when they came out with these in 2018.


Oh that looks neat, it looks like it’s similar to Security Onion which I have on my to do list.

I check out their product every time a new version comes out, and it has definitely been improving significantly over the years. I actually talked with them in detail a couple of years ago when I wanted their MSSP Edition the only problem I had with it was that it was all hosted in AWS, due to contracts we needed something we could deploy within our own environment the offered to build it for us but at that point it was outside of our price range.

You simply plug it in and tell us how and where you want any alerts to be sent. StingBox is locked

Not really liking the locked part. But seems simple enough for most people, and I’m guessing “most people” are their target consumer.