Sterling PDF hosted solution

Just came across this recently it’s a hosted solution for dealing with PDF files. Easy to setup in docker. It’s saved me a load of hassle recently so I thought I’d let people know !

Awesome Open Source has recently done a video on this application

This is waiting for me to get time to look into more deeply to see if it can solve some problems at work. What I really want is to make it a KASM workspace, but might not have the time to figure that part out.

Pretty sure i saw that!

Definitely worth setting up and having handy.
That KASM seems pretty handy to access my home setup via android.

KASM can be, but you need to make some changes when you install it if you want direct RDP to computers. I need to tear mine down and start again so I can make clickable workspaces to RDP into a few computers. Right now I’m using the Remina workspace to fill this function.

Also using a Chrome workspace to get into things that are web based, like XO.

One thing to note, it doesn’t like if there is a port mismatch between firewall and server. I had my firewall redirecting from an open port to one of the KASM ports, and it was very unhappy. Changing the port inside KASM does not set everything you need to the correct port, lots of stuff gets hidden during the install.

Some stuff needs to be removed, just added it for fun (like Doom). I’ve done a little work from home on a couple things through the Chrome browser to get inside my network, most building a VM or two through XO, seemed to work fine.

having a one click into StirlingPDF would be nice, yes I know it is a web application so just point a browser at it, but would still be nice as a Kasm workspace.

Oh boy that’s a bit of effort, right now I’m looking at CasaOS for this same functionality but it doesn’t quite fit my needs. When I’m travelling it would be handy to have all the same possibilities I have with a laptop but on a crappy android tablet.