Starting an SSH session from KeepassXC?

I am working on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Over the last days, I have been revisiting and old friend - KeepassXC. I finally discovered that it can be used to organize SSH keys (yes, I know I am late to the party :smiley: ).

What I really would love to do now is being able to just double-click in KeepassXC to start an SSH session. My only problem is that it has to work on all three platforms as I will sync the database between them.

Any good ideas? It is all about making the day to day work easier and at the same time more secure. So if there is a way to achieve this, I would love to try it! Using OpenSSH on all platforms.

I don’t have an answer for your question., never tried what you are suggesting. I use KeepassXC for certain logins but keep the DB on a thumb drive with the application installed on my computers. KXC holds login to Bitwarden. W have to test.

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I guess there are two options.

PuTTY and Windows Powershell?

Using SSH Agent and Open SSH, Windows Powershell might be the better solution?

As the key should already be loaded in SSH Agent, I guess there should be a string that can be used to start Powershell. BUT - as I will be using the same database for Linux, Mac and Windows, that might mean I have to duplicate the entries for SSH and make different version for the different platforms as the terminal will be different in each case?

Just thinking out loud here :slight_smile:

The data files should not be a problem.